Thinking Beyond Logistics & Cost Trimming

2 Days Program for Professionals from early career to senior leaders, seeking to extend their business, managerial and leadership skills and knowledge.

  • How can you leverage emerging economies to accelerate product development? And how can you ensure customer happiness? Questions like these require thinking beyond logistics and cost trimming.
  • In a global market, companies are faced with diverse customers in geographically distributed markets with very different needs. Highly uncertain market conditions and changing tastes and technologies often create instabilities within the current operations. Given such challenges, companies need to be agile and flexible to respond to market uncertainties, adapt to systemic changes and align the incentives.
  • Think strategically, holistically, and globally about every facet of your operations
  • Learn strategies and systems for creating competitive advantage
  • Uncover business strategies to create value and increase customer experience
  • Setting strategic outcomes to deliver customer value while determining the ideal future vision of the organization based on the environmental analysis.
  • Feedback mechanism while creating corporate/divisional/ departmental objectives supported by developing corporate/ team/ individual key success measures.
  • Current state assessment of the organization to analyse internal capabilities and strengths.
  • Strategy development based on the external environment conditions and enhanced capabilities.
  • Strategic implementation to get it right & annual/by annual review

Participants will learn how to use the following unique psychological & practical tools