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Gamification & Tools

We integrate unique gaming elements and tools to ensure effective, practical and fun learning experience for our coaching sessions. By combining gamification with learning and development, participants retain information and further develop long-term skill sets. Gamification engages employees in a meaningful and direct way within the workplace.


We use various types of assessments which enable us determine the strengths, personality, behavior and information processing of an individual. We look at areas on potential or existing employees’ skills, knowledge and performance relative to specified performance standards to determine their aptitude and suitability for certain roles.
This encourages positive work reinforcement, performance improvement and competency development.


Our coaches who are practicing managers and professionals in their own field also provides project templates which participants can use not only during the coaching sessions but also in their actual projects at work. Each template is easy to use and customized according to the project and industry. Templates give structure, clarity and helps manage work according to the deadline.

Games & Activities

Experiential learning. We facilitate our coaching sessions through “doing” and “experiencing”.
Through our interactive games and activities like task simulations, role playing, problem solving exercises, such activities promote high impact engagement, retention and feedback.

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