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Industry Immersion is a professional development program developed by K- MAS Management.
Today's job industry is highly competitive, all college students and recent grads know this to be true. You need to start your job hunt early as you are in high school so you end up getting closer to be selected for their dream job. Network or connections with the industry makes the difference. Thus the Industry Immersion program designed by K- MAS Management stands out from the rest.

This program offers motivated undergraduates the chance to explore industry and leading job markets as well as engage with high-powered industry leaders across industries. Through this program student is given the opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally while better understanding their capabilities and gaps.

They also obtain a broad understanding of career opportunities, practical knowledge of company cultures and experience. Further they establish new contacts into mutually beneficial long-term relationships which contributes to better internship and post-graduate opportunities.

Industry Immersion participants will practice:

  • Knowing yourself and other (Self Assessments)
  • Knowing different organizational cultures.
  • Network building skills.
  • Creating a personal and professional development plan
  • Identifying industry networking opportunities
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Identifying industry requirements and getting ready with those necessary skills

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