2 Days Program for Professionals who are in-charge of processes and have the decision making power to change the processes of which they are in-charge.

In a business context where the resources are fading out rapidly, how can you create a business model which will be sustainable yet competitive? Or how can you create a business process which will simultaneously improve your top and bottom lines? It is high time that you bring in “productivity”, “sustainability” and “customer satisfaction” into one composite framework.

  • Understand the possibility of creating business processes which consumes lesser resources & create lesser waste (Productivity), more environmentally friendly (Sustainable) and exceeds customers expectations
  • Learn how to use BPR to convert existing processes or create new processes for much better outcomes
  • Gain the knowledge to use tools which will aid strategic & operational decision making in creating such business processes
  • Understanding on setting and monitoring KPIs to measure the improvements in Productivity, Environment Friendliness, and Customer Satisfaction and linking them to further development in the processes.


Participants will learn how to use the following unique psychological & practical tools