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  • Leadership Development 
  • Management Development
  • Generational Leadership 

Leadership Development

K-MAS Leadership Development Program will help your organization centralize leadership development and prepare your leaders at all levels to harness their strength and drive innovation in today’s Asian Digital Economy.

Our leadership program involves around Knowing yourself and others, leading others, crafting the business intent, Driving Operational value, aligning infrastructure and technology, uplifting customer value

Our leadership program combines

We also help senior managers to develop personal leadership development plans, such as, an action plan for delivering a business breakthrough. This methodology would ensure your capacity identify the right business opportunities and drive innovation, lead with belief, and meet the challenges of the contemporary business environment.

Management Development

The K- MAS Management Development Programme (MDP) is a comprehensive fast-paced programme designed based on the latest management trends including core areas of management, Operations, marketing, project management and finance.

It has been developed taking into consideration the new challenges of the corporate world, alongside the continuous evolution of the digital technology in business activities.

Generational Leadership 

One major driver of change at the workplace is a dramatic generational shift — many organizations in Asia/ South east Asia have employees spanning four generations.
Current organizations have multiple distinct generations of workers to draw from. With multiple generations of talent in the workforce at once, differences in people's preferences and ways of working preferences are more prominent and challenging to handle

If you're a leader, manager, or a skilled worker, knowledge worker you need to prepare if you want to survive this exceptional organizational climate progress. Current leaders today need to understand and appreciate differences in each generation of employees while engaging and deploying all their talents.

The k- MAS generational leadership program will explore and help you implement proven, practical techniques for thriving in the four-generation workplace.

Our program will help you to

  • Understand your leadership values
  • Develop a profile of your talent-management competencies
  • Discover your organizations generational traits
  • Create a professional development plan for you and your team
  • Enhance your ability to sense and respond to the changing needs of every generation at work
  • Acquire strategies for enhancing work/life balance
  • Improve loyalty, especially among your senior and knowledge based employees
  • Analyze organizational goals from each generation's standpoints

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