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What is a 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

K- MAS 360 Degree Feedback Survey helps Leaders/ Managers/ Team leaders/ Supervisors and staff from different levels improve self-awareness.

It compares their own perceptions of their leadership behaviors and skills against those of their manager, peers and/or direct reports.

The perceptive nature of the process is why organizations choose to partner with an independent specialist consultant, such as K- MAS Management, rather than managing 360 feedback and Feed forward themselves.

Reasons to conduct our 360 Degree Feedback and Feed Forward Survey?

  • You are seeking to develop your talent pool for succession planning
  • The organization’s senior management requires a baseline, to understand what training and development needs exist

How does our 360 Degree Feedback Survey process work?

What outcomes can this deliver?

For the individual, we aim to
  • Assist with a private and confidential process that respects both the individual and the colleagues they work
  • Provide a clear report that highlights the areas where their perception differs from others
  • Certify they have an encouraging 360 feedback interview that sets them on the path to action.
For your organization, we aim to
  • Assist a confidential process that enhances relationships between your employees and leaders
  • Provide a roadmap for communication and alignment of individual behaviors encouraged by the organization
  • Quantify individual and collective skills development areas to help you target spend, inform your change initiatives and maximize your investment

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