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K- MAS Activity based Outbound Program?

Participants will go through a number of tailored activities with different difficulty levels, challenging them mentally and physically. These activities would follow the principle of group dynamics. it helps employees learn by reflecting on their experiences and constructive feedback, feedforward, and analysis. Outbound training works on different skills such as working in teams, Motivation leadership, interpersonal communication, motivation and Thinking outside the box, Process Re-engineering.  This program was developed based on the concept of experiential learning.

Program Development Process

Stage 01



All participants would be briefed in detail about the activity. Each activity would goal and challenge.

Stage 02



During this stage, the participants would undergo the process which would involve the use of an intellectual, social and dynamic aspect of team dynamics. 

Stage 03



This would be conducted to bring out self / team introspection and share experiences by team leaders and members

Stage 04



Lastly, participants are asked to share their feedback and learning (All activities will be filmed by our media team for accurate feedback)

Our Methodology

Sample Activities & Exercises


Team Formation

Team names, briefing, program goals, and expected outcomes.

Spider Web

The objective of this challenge is to get the entire team from one side of the web to the other without using the same gap twice and without touching any of the webs.

Obstacle Course Activities

Burma Bridge, Tree Bridge, Commando Net, Rope Walk.  Uncovering latent strengths, performing beyond potential, confidence building.  Overcome weaknesses thru' mentoring and team support.

The Rocket Challenge

Teamwork, trust, and communication under adverse conditions.

Big Picture

The synergy of individual, team and organization goals.

Australian Walk

Teamwork for achieving common goals.

Single Knot

Out of the box thinking

Lava River

The objective of the activity is to get all team members safely across the lava flow. Participants cannot touch the lava and therefore must use platforms provided to cross to safety.

Create your own group activity

Time management and ascertaining wildly important goals.

Building Blocks

Problem solving, creativity and lateral thinking.

Perfect Square

Teamwork, leadership, communication.  

The Right Chemistry

Conflict management. 

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