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Developing a Quality Culture and Sustaining Six Sigma Initiatives

  • Duration: 01 Day (02 Sessions)
  • Suitable For: Senior Managers / Six Sigma Team Members / Middle Front Level Managers of All Functional Areas


  • Concept of Quality (Products & Services)
  • When is quality important (Not Why quality is important)
  • Approaches to manage quality (Proactive vs. Reactive)
  • Why proactive is better (Benefits)?
  • How to determine the cost of proactive quality initiative?
  • Change/progress? Why progress fails
  • Missing Link, Organizational Development Framework for Six Sigma Implementation
  • Roles of a Six Sigma Implementation Project
  • Selecting a Capable Project Management Team (Competencies / Functionalities / Force Fields)


Business Process Improvement Simulation Game
  • Overview: A game where participants step by step develops an existing process to become super efficient and effective through business simulations
  • Duration: Half a day
  • Aims at: Middle and Senior Managers
  • Content: Identify customer requirements, Process improvements based on modern techniques such as Kan-Ban, Lean and JIT
Achieving Super Efficiency through Linear Programming
  • Overview: Introducing readily implementable tools developed through Linear programming techniques to improve efficiency
  • Duration: One Day
  • Aims at: Middle and Senior Managers
  • Content: Tools related to: Planning product mix, Planning Distribution Networks, Scheduling and assigning work, General Decision Making