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Uplifting Customer Value

Customers are increasingly empowered than ever before, reason being marketplace without boundaries, social networks and the rise of digital technology. Businesses are changing in terms of the way they lead, develop strategies and build their customer focus. Organizations who innovate and adapt healthy customer centric strategies manage to gain a competitive advantage.

K- MAS will show you approaches to, creating and managing a competitive advantage, developing innovations through R&D, in depth understanding of customer strategy, building strong meaningful brands and creating amazing customer experiences delivering value for money.

Who Should Attend

General managers, Senior leaders in marketing, sales, strategic planning and operations, Customer experience, key account managers, and business partners

Key Benefits

  • Understanding the growing influence of customer focus on organizational success
  • Learning to overcome obstacles to creating a truly customer-focused organizational culture
  • In-depth understanding about customer expectations
  • Creating value, through unique selling prepositions
  • Creating amazing customer experiences
  • Leading organizational Progress to reap benefits of customer focus

Program Content

  • The paradigm shifts in Business
  • Creating a Customer-Focused Culture
  • Values of customer-focused organizations
  • Understanding our competitors
  • Developing customer focused strategies and tactics
  • The key to innovation and progress

  • Business growth through Customer-Focus
  • Creating a simple 1-page marketing plan
  • Identifying opportunities for differentiation
  • UDeveloping unique selling propositions
  • Building Brands with Meaning

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